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My personal journey

A red thread through your time of travel



The Learning-toolkit “my personal journey” supports people “out there” in their personal growth and reflection. Its questions explore how we make sense of ourselves in this new environment. The exercises invite to discover the new surroundings with all senses. Topics cover many aspects of the experience: from the political situation of the country to your personal dreams about the future.

There are two elements: use the diary for guided journaling or draw a card from the deck, either one card per day just for yourself, or a second one to get a conversation going with a partner.

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Pricing philosophy

Why have different prices? – Not everyone earns the same salary. Fair prices are not only based on demand and supply, but also on the individual conditions of the buyer and the seller. Let´s have a virtual estimation of what would be fair between you and me: How much do you earn? How much value does the product provide for you? I invested about 8 months work, plus design and printing costs. Next to this, I earn my living as a freelance facilitator, coach and OER developer, some projects paid, others unpaid.

* shipping costs per piece 3,45 €

There are three different prices: Standard, Reduced, and Supporter. Please contact me for quantity discount.


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