Barefoot Coaching

The team around Barefoot Coaching will enable convenors of peer support groups to empower their group members, both individually and collectively, to become more capable and willing to engage with their communities. Based on outputs from the Hosting Empowerment project, we are developing an education program for those working with such groups: coach training, primarily for volunteers, as well as trainer training for professionals.


Mila Gureyeva
Saskia Wenniger
Dóra Halàsz
Ursel Biester
Jutta Goldammer
Boris Goldammer
Marilyn Mehlmann
Anikó Kottes

Story of This Project

The Coach Training program will teach convenors of peer support groups, and other interested volunteers, to lead and coach such a peer group through a collective empowerment process.

The Trainer Training program will enable professional trainers to design and deliver the Coach Training program, thus creating the capacity to continue to train more coaches.

The main work will be conducted in English. However, the Innertopia booklet on which the work is based has been published not only in English but also in 10 other languages, and it is anticipated that some participants in Trainer Training programs will go on to deliver courses in one or more of those languages.


This project was generously funded by Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.

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