Hosting Empowerment

Hosting Empowerment is a three-year program funded by the EU Erasmus+ program. Our objective is to enable vulnerable groups to become more active citizens. We will research how to create settings that strengthen courage, self-confidence, and self-efficacy.

We envision a society where each person is capable of influencing their own circumstances and destiny. Therefore, our mission is to inspire and nourish vulnerable groups as well as those who care for them. We will develop and distribute methods, tools and skills to enable facilitators to become even more effective in supporting their participants to become increasingly empowered and active.

Check the HEMP project page for our results.


Boris Goldammer
Sylvia Brenzel
Ursel Biester
Suiko Betsy McCall
Marilyn Mehlmann
Annika Piirimets
Filipe Moreira Alves
Jutta Goldammer

Story of This Project

Who are we, and why and how should we do this?

WHO. We are a group of leaders and facilitators from Germany, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Austria, and Portugal, who work in “Transformation Academies”. We all empower and support individuals and communities to actively shape society toward a more humane, joyful, and sustainable world.

WHY. The „why“ is easy: not only for their own sakes but for all of us, the state of the planet and of human civilization calls for the participation of everyone in crafting a viable future for humankind. „No-one left behind“.

HOW to empower specifically vulnerable groups to be part of this venture? To become effective agents of change in their own lives as a preliminary to influencing the community and society in which they live?

We explore how to create settings that strengthen courage, self-confidence, and self-efficacy, curating, testing, and honing methods and pathways with proven results. As a result, we will produce

– A guidebook for facilitators – A toolkit for facilitators

– A personal empowerment app – A personal empowerment booklet

– A short inspirational video


This project was generously funded by Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.
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